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I am a huge fan of this category, naruto in dxd. My all-time favorite is End Game version R. In it, naruto is a war veteran without his massive power. Naruto is extremely war-bred making his observant, smart, and cunning. Best past according to me is Naruto doesn't become rias' one of her peerage.Naruto pairing: As I type on summary, it's only SINGLE PAIRING with Naruto x Grayfia as the pairing. I won't make it harem, because in my opinion Naruto isn't the type of Harem MC. So I will stick into single pairing until I know how to make the harem one with his new personality. The Original Idea: Thankfully it seems many people liked the idea.return. Three years have passed since Naruto Uzumaki was attacked on the night of October 10. The night he met the people who would be his parents in the future, Sirzechs Lucifer and Grayfia Lucifuge. Three years have passed since Naruto Uzumaki died, and instead, Naruto Lucifuge started a new life as a high class demon.Naruto winced, "yeah sorry 'bout that, but you know." Naruto shrugged and turned to Rias, "c'mon Rias-chan!" He grabbed the stunned girl and took off once more, however they did not get far before the twins ran into a solid wall of something before Naruto once more felt himself being lifted off the ground. Curse his small and light frame!Yes, Naruto does state Kiba, Akeno, and Rias should learn basic hand to hand combat, because honestly, it would help them in certain situations… like if they ran out of magic. Asia learning Kami-e/Paper Art, the Evasion/Dodging skill I feel is a great way to help Asia, since Tsunade in Naruto told Sakura learning to Dodge is more important ...Sasuke asked lightly while still holding Naruto's throat in a vice-like grip. "You-uck-where different then…" Naruto rasped out, trying in vain to remove Sasuke's hand from his throat. The blonde Shinobi could feel how his brother in all, but blood was slowly pushing himself up, and try as he might, he couldn't stop him from doing so.Naruto sat on the edge of the bed like she instructed while she got on her knees in front of him. The shinobi gripped the side of the bed as she gave his member a long lick from the base to the time. Yasaka's tongue swirled around the tip then licked back down. Naruto clenched his teeth as tried to hold back.Naruto and High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D crossover fanfiction archive with over 634 stories. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Naruto and High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D universe. ... Chapters: 4 - Words: 29,378 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 15 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 5/13 - Published: 9/18/2023 ...Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Adventure - [Naruto U., Rias G.] - Chapters: 19 - Words: 61,120 ... this is a fanfiction only. For all those that want a harem, this is not one, for all those that hate it, there is quite literally a thousand other stories to read, for those that want a happy go lucky Naruto sorry but this story is going to ...Carrying the will of Humanity, he walks the path of both hero and villain. The man has sacrifice everything, including love, for the sake of Humanity. Of course, love will unknowingly come to him. Single Pairing (Past Naruto & Grayfia) at first before becoming a Harem. Naruto X Rias as the new main pairing.Jun 30, 2022 · Following Issei's defeat of Riser and ending Riser's betrothal to Rias, the Phenex clan has been deeply offended. Unwilling to let this pass, the clan elders reach out to a cousin of Riser's, Naruto Uzumaki, and he soon plans to take Rias back from Issei and keep her all to himself. Phenex Clan Rising. It had been three weeks since Riser Phenex ...One of such happens to be a young devil; 6 years old to be exact; who is sleeping the day away in is rather luxurious room. This young devil is the fourth child of the Phenex clan, one of the remaining 34 Devil Clans of the 72 Pillars that make up the devil society. His name is Naruto Phenex, a high-class devil with a mane of sun-kissed blond ...Mar 11, 2019 · If they were they would be known for their use of chakra, seals and lightning magic. Enter Naruto Namikaze - a high-class devil and the son of Ultimate Class devil Minato Namikaze and Nine Taled Youkai Kushina Namikaze. Watch Naruto try to unite the world of High School DxD, by using his own two fists. Currently Naruto x Rias.FanFiction | unleash ... Rias separating as Naruto caught the scent and sound of crackling fire and saw Riser had a fireball the size of a boulder ready and pissed. "So, you're the asshole who destroyed my marriage to my beautiful Rias, for that transgression, you will die!" He shouted and threw the fireball at Naruto, who gently pushed Rias ...Peace Seeker Chapter 2, a Naruto + High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D Crossover fanfic | FanFiction. Peace Seeker By: Waluigi-Official. Losing everything you've ever fought for is hard. Stuck in a new world, Naruto has to decide whether he'll be able to move forward, or if he'll be stuck forever lamenting his past mistakes. Rinnegan and ...If they were they would be known for their use of chakra, seals and lightning magic. Enter Naruto Namikaze - a high-class devil and the son of Ultimate Class devil Minato Namikaze and Nine Taled Youkai Kushina Namikaze. Watch Naruto try to unite the world of High School DxD, by using his own two fists. Currently Naruto x Rias.Thoughts of Rias and Naruto alone in a room kept surfacing in Issei's mind. He'd try to bury those thoughts but his overactive imagination kept conjuring up vivid, torturous scenes that made his stomach clench as he closed his eyes, shaking his head to get rid of those traitorous thoughts. A hand was placed on Issei's shoulder."Lord Naruto," Rias spoke out. "Do you mind if we… take her?" Issei saw as Naruto's eyes flipped from soft to pure death. "And let her become a filthy sin-filled Devil? You're dreaming, Red." Suddenly Asia's fingers found themselves on his feathers, softly stroking. Naruto turned and they looked in to each other's eyes. "I love you, God.Rias Gremory no esperaba encontrarse con alguien tan puro de corazón, tan genuino, tan... perfecto. Tal vez era la sangre del demonio que corría por sus vena...Naruto meeting Rias, Sona, Akeno and Tsubaki as well as being told that he is a devil. then we have Naruto beginning to learn about the devils. and Rias getting Naruto watching Anime. now so people get it Naruto's mental sate is quite fragile hence why he's so jumpy and him not telling Venelana about not being able to read. with all of that saidRias Gremory's Peerage. Uzumaki Naruto Has a Harem. Action/Adventure. Teen Romance. Explicit Language. Sexual content of all kinds. Slow Romance. Being pulled into a world not your own and then given a power many could only dream of was another day for Uzumaki Naruto, now only if he could find a way back, and hey who's the redhead? Language:Naruto X Rias (SINGLE PAIRING) (NO HAREM). Please Review! Chapter 1. 1/31/2020. Author's Notes. I am a Male Author so I decided to mostly use Naruto's perspective in the beginning of this fic, before I expand on Rias' internal character. Let me know your thoughts in the reviews, enjoy. Scene Begins; Naruto's Bedroom in North Japan. Rias, you ...infinite123456. • 1 yr. ago. There was one I know of that abruptly ended after 3 chapters and Rias ended up married to Naruto with children, the premise is that the Gremory and her peerage found a way to the Naruto verse but got there when she had been living there for decades and having settled down with Naruto. 1.Gardening has historically been considered a hobby for those with large yards and spacious swaths of land. If you’re dreaming of your own garden but feel constrained by your living...Rias held a focused face as she thought about the information she just heard. "I say we wait it out." Rias answered. 'It'll be easier than asking him to join anyway." "I know what you're thinking Rias." Naruto said, grabbing her attention. "You are going to let her kill him so he won't have a choice in the matter. You know I don't like this Rias."Sona said as she placed a chess piece on Naruto's chess. The wound of Naruto then started to heal slowly. "Heal him at his apartment, I have a meeting with Rias." Naruto's Mindscape "Hello partner, it is nice to finally meet you." A booming voice said. As Naruto saw a giant fox the size of a mountain with nine tails. End Chapter.The missing son By: amaijin. Naruto Gremory was born with even higher amounts of energy than his brother Sirzechs, but he didn't inherit the power of destruction. He became a hero of the civil war with his mastery of …Gaia's Tundra By: KingBeasta. They say nothing can unfreeze a heart cold as ice but is that the same with a person's emotion well one young metahuman will find out personally is that true. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Friendship - [Naruto U., Terra] - Words: 5,623 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 147 - Follows: 153 - Published: Jun 12, 2018 - id ...Naruto Phenex, born as the Heir of the Phenex clan, and the Fifth Hero of the Devil Civil War. He was betrayed and left to travel the world. He trained and learned new things on his journey of recovery, and now he’s back. OPNaruto! (What else is new.) Smut galore! Rated: Fiction M - English - Supernatural - Naruto U. - Chapters: 5 - Words: …Chapter Index. Comments. Share. Download. Rating: Mature. Archive Warnings : Graphic Depictions Of Violence. Underage. Categories: F/M. Multi. Fandoms: Naruto. …A soft wind was breathing through the trees, causing the leaves to silently rustle. Naruto was sitting in his car, parked to the right side of the street, looking at the front of a house in one of the many residential areas of Kuoh. It was on the other side of the street. Rias had sent him here, because of a summoning.Naruto had his hands over his head as he tried to stop the colossal headache that was forming. Yuki sighed at his answer. "The family that formed the official shogunate won overall control of the country in 1185, but only established official control in 1192."... Naruto moaned into the table as he repeatedly bonked his head onto wooden surface.Naruto chuckled sheepishly and scratched the back of his head, "Oh hey, Rias-chan. I didn't see you there." "Stop it," she muttered as she wrapped her arms around his, "I saw you staring over at me." Much to Rias' glee, Naruto frowned. "I wasn't the only one staring at you." "Are you jealous?" Rias' grin only grew when her boyfriend looked away."You sit back and relax, okay? Let your father take care of this one!" Naruto grinned, poking Rias' forehead. The girl weekly nodded and went towards her peerage to recuperate. Naruto turned to where Kokabiel was flying, and his smile turned into a snarl. The Fallen flinched at the sheer rage emanating from the redhead until he felt it. DEATHChapter 1- New World, New Problems. Naruto sat on a bench at the front of Kuoh Academy, watching as some of the early arrivers filed in for school. Ever since that war, he'd prefered to wake up early. Don't ask him why, since he had absolutely no idea whatsoever. Probably involved shinobi training.Rias could only smile at the support she got from Naruto and Issei "The Phenex family themselves aren't that bad, like the Gremory, they're one of the last pure blooded families. And apparently before I was born my father and brother made a contract with the Phenex family stating that the heirs would marry."With a burst of determination, Naruto looked deep within, and feeling his power, brought it out and felt the warm aura surround him and grow larger. Smiling at his accomplishment, he looked up at his father only to see him staring at him in shock. Looking to his left, he saw Ravel looking at him in awe.Rias noticed the bright blush on Naruto's face and scowled, pulling Naruto's tightly to his chest to win his affection back. "I'm sorry about her." Rias apologized, making sure Naruto's eyes were on her only. "She's very…Akeno." "It's okay." Naruto scratched the back of his head with the hand that hadn't been claimed by Rias. "She seems nice ...Large balls of fire, the size of basket balls, were sent rocketing towards Naruto. With a loud bang they came raining down on the blonde, covering his form in a large barrage of fire. "And like that this match has come to an end." Riser gleefully said to himself, as he watch the fire dance.Greatest of all Time. Chapter - 1. This is my first attempt at writing a fan-fiction. This chapter has been taken from 'The Immortal Bird of Fiery Gold Sun' written by #StrayDevil. I don't own Naruto or High School DxD. However I do own the OC's that will appear later in the story."Rias glad you're feeling better," Naruto said. "Hai, Senpai," Rias said. "Good, now please head to your seat, so we can start the lesson." Naruto said. Rias nodded and went to her seat which was right next to Akeno. Class went off great without any problems what so ever. Right now Naruto, Rias, and Akeno were the only ones left in the classroom.Rias felt numb as she slowly removed her ring from her finger. Her hands trembled and her heart raced as she placed the golden band on Raynare's finger. She stood back, barely breathing, as their eyes met in a heated exchange of passion. Rias trembled as she watched their bodies entwine, blissfully unaware of the world around them.A/N: Naruto and Rias's peerage will clash with Xenovia and Irina. Naruto may agree to become Kuoh's student, but that didn't mean he will attend class, right? And surely he will receive some punishments from Rias. But Naruto will never give up. Because that's his way of life. Hehehe! Ja ne. By the way, Naruto didn't actually try to charm anyone.Rias asked, surprising Kushina and Naruto. The boy looked to his mother for a moment before nodding. "Excellent. I have heard that the Namikaze have a rather beautiful garden, perhaps we should go there?" Rias offered, and Naruto held his arm out. Rias took it, and the two teleported away. Rome,Italy "Father Anderson, let me come with you!Rias look at blonde ninja and said "You want to heard my answer I just don't to marry that bastard Riser." She said, feeling a hand on her head, to which it belong to Naruto. "so kick his ass Naruto-kun!" Rias shouted out to the retreating form of Naruto. A red magic seal appear under him as Naruto turn around and gave Rias the nice guys pose.Chapter focuses on interaction between Tiamat and Kuroka and then also him meeting up with Rias for the first time and training for the peerage. Next chapter will be the rating game. Pants and heavy breathing could be heard from the room together with the lewd sounds of smacking flesh. Naruto ground as he drove his manhood deep into Tiamat.Using the jutsu on himself, Naruto traveled through time and space. Arriving in a new world where the former blonde shinobi trains while traveling unfamiliar continents until he comes across something or better someone. Meeting new people. Making friends and finding comrades to care for, Naruto was happy with his new life.Rias Gremory, Devil, spoke as she sat naked across from her childhood friend. The two of them were using a sauna together in private, a sauna very few knew existed on school grounds. Of course, she didn't know what Sacred Gear this Naruto Uzumaki had. She knew that her species, devils, had exterminated Naruto's entire clan from the face of Earth.Naruto chuckled sheepishly and scratched the back of his head, "Oh hey, Rias-chan. I didn't see you there." "Stop it," she muttered as she wrapped her arms around his, "I saw you staring over at me." Much to Rias' glee, Naruto frowned. "I wasn't the only one staring at you." "Are you jealous?" Rias' grin only grew when her boyfriend looked away.Rias to naruto. Rias germory was very sad. Yesterday her peerage had lost to riser and now she would have to marry the evil bastard. Though it wasn't just her own self her defeat had compromised but also her peerage, the evil bastard had said he would turn the female members of her peerage into his play things. It was all her fault, if she wasn't …Challenge based on Naruhina 123 and Jay 3000. Naruto is an abused student at Kuoh who was left for dead by Rias but he will soon show everyone the power of the strongest being to ever exist as a member of Sona's Peerage. NarutoxHarem Rias Peerage Bashing (except Gasper).(Rewrite in Destiny Of Green Dragon God)A lot of misunderstandings. (Naruto x Multi (big harem), Gamer! Naruto) Language: English Words: 24,929 Chapters: 7/? Comments: 19 Kudos: 90 Bookmarks: 37 Hits: 7,277; Naruto en DXD by Jairo_eqa_123 ... Uzumaki Naruto (8) Rias Gremory (7) Kuroka (Highschool DxD) (7) Sirzechs Lucifer (5) Rias Gremory's Peerage (5) Himejima Akeno (4) Yasaka ...Naruto and Rias were walking back home after classes have ended. The reason for it was because of the amount of make-up that Naruto and Rias had to do. Arriving to Kuoh Academy in the morning, the couple got the usual look of admiration, jealousy, and envy from both the girls and boy of the student body.Naruto + High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D Crossover. A Second Chance By: MercenaryGrax. Dying unexpectedly on the bridge during their mission to Wave, Naruto's life was meant to be over. However, the timely interference of a friend with brilliant red hair ensures that Naruto will live again. Reincarnated as a Devil, & with the loss of the ...Naruto x Harem, Incest, God-like Naruto. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Naruto U., Rias G., H. Akeno, T. Koneko - Chapters: 2 - Words ... Please be gentle with your reviews... This is my first fanfiction. I will welcome any criticism and if you find any mistakes in my grammar please point them out. I will update this ...Rias es alguien que en personalidad es compatible con Naruto, y que es más extrovertida, pero también es paciente para lidiar con Naruto y su terquedad. Naruto también es alguien rebelde, que no toma mierda de nadie, pero también es consiente para tomar mierda cuando debe. Naruto también es alguien que escucha a los dos lados, y no condena ...Rin looked at the girl who had spoken without much interest in his eyes. "That's right, I am the knight of Naruto, my name is Rin Okumura" "I am Rias Gremory sister-. Lose, "he said as he interrupted her. "I know who you are Rias-san, Naruto told us a lot about his family and about you too" he said making her surprised a little.Naruto Shippuden is a popular anime series that has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. Its compelling storyline, well-developed characters, and stunning visuals have made it...Naruto is a young orphan High-Class devil from two reincarnated devils. Moving forward, he'll create his path to inherit his parents hope as he finds out the truth about their murder and become the strongest Emperor that existed. The question is, which Emperor. Harem: Naruto X OC female peerage. Minor Naruto X Seekvaria.The years have passed, and Naruto Lucifuge, the heir of the Lucifuge clan, is now five years old. He has grown quite young for his age, and he has begun to demonstrate his clan's power over magic and the ice elements, like the Leviathan and his Lucifuge ancestors. Kushina starts to teach about three factions: devils, fallen angels, angels, and ...Rias screamed in horror as her mind portrayed an obscene image of Naruto and his mother. They both were relaxing beside a bathtub and the Lady Phenex was gently caressing the back of Naruto with her bare boobs which were coated in a soft sheet of water and foam....

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Silence reigned in the wake of her declaration, Naruto's gaze shifting between her and Sona as if...

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Shout out to Jose19 for the information about DXD character it will help me compare Naruto ...

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Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Adventure - Naruto U., Rias G., T. Koneko - Chapters: ...

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The Pairing of the story is now officially Naruto x Rias x Akeno x Gabriel. I didn't want to make this a h...

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Rias suddenly squawked in surprise as she felt her left nipple being twisted between two fi...

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